Hi, I’m Issy.

Lifestyle Coach & Intuitive.

Let me guess, you’re frustrated. Your life looks great from the outside, but somehow it feels empty. You’re sick of falling asleep alone, but if you have to swipe any longer you’re going to break your phone (or your head.) Your relationship history is starting to look like an episode of the Twilight Zone. 

I’ve been there. I’ve had a life that looked so pretty on the outside, but felt so empty on the inside. I’ve been in the worst of the worst relationships. But when I hit rock bottom, I decided I would do anything to break free. From a job I hated. From relationships that made me miserable. And yeah, from low grade dating app addiction too. 

I live for what I do…

Because I’ve been there. For most of my life, I felt like I had no power over what was happening to me. I looked into my future and saw a powerless worker bee being pushed towards an abyss of grey cubicles, fluorescent lighting, and rush hour traffic. In my personal life, I was floundering.  My long buried trauma was in the driver’s seat and making all of my choices for me. And my love life? Girl, forget heard it all… I’ve DONE it all. 

Eventually, enough was enough. I dedicated years of my life to unraveling my own trauma, traveling the world, and taking responsibility for my own shit. I did a deep dive into the dating world, writing about everything I had been through, and eventually becoming a professional matchmaker. 

Now, I take everything I’ve learned through my personal failures, work as a matchmaker, and travels to help high achieving women create the relationships and lives they really fucking want. 

Are you ready?

I offer…

Love Coaching

You are a badass game changer. A boss at work. Your friends tell you you’re such a catch, but you just can’t seem to find the relationship that lights you up. Guess what? You aren’t a victim. You have the power to create the love life you really fucking want. But it takes work. It takes bravery. And it means doing something you’ve never done before. I KNOW you can do it, because you’re a badass, right? So are you ready? 

Ex-pat Coaching

Are you sitting at your cubicle fantasizing about travel? Do you wish you had more freedom? Are you ready to live for life, not for the weekend? Other people might tell you you’re building castles in the air. I say, Right on! Let’s put some foundations under those castles and make your dream life a reality. I’ll help you refine your goals, find a career you love, and even help you move abroad. I have my dream life, so why can’t you? 

…and more!

Individual Coaching

Theta-Healing Sessions

Intuitive Readings 


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Issy Living believes that life is suppose to be easy, fun, and a never ending adventure.

It is for me, let’s make it happen for you too!