Moving abroad can be hard. It might look like it’s all sunsets and cute coffee shops on Instagram. I mean… it is, but it’s also culture shock, loneliness, and homesickness. Not to mention the fact that routine tasks can suddenly become a source of daily frustration when you move to a new country.

All of this can take a serious toll on your mental health.

But with the right preparation and support it doesn’t have to.

Fun fact: I have lived in six different countries. The US, Brazil, Israel, the Czech Republic, Poland, and (my fave) Hungary. Each of these moves, was so, so painful. They managed to stir up trauma (hello abandonment wound!) while making me feel deeply isolated. I’m back spending most of the year in the US after over two years living in Budapest, but let me tell you, next time I move abroad, I will not do it without the support of an expat coach. There’s not shame in needing support! 

Lifestyle Offerings

Expat Coaching

In our one-on-one sessions we’ll strategize around helping you get rooted and thrive in your new home. We’ll cover everything including resurfacing trauma, making friends, job options, finding an apartment, and navigating the stress of visa applications. Whatever emotional hurdles come at you, we can deal together.


These sessions are also available to expats returning to their home country, looking for assistance with reentry.


Aspiring expats welcome.

Lifestyle Renovation

I believe that life can be easier than we make it.

If you’re feeling sluggish, tired, or uninspired. Disconnected from the people around you and living for the weekend. I want you to know that is not how life is suppose to be, no matter what people tell you.

We did not come to this planet to feel meh or to numb ourselves out with mindless drama, too much work, or social media. We came here to thrive, to witness, to transform, to love, and sooo much more. We came here to feel, even when that’s hard.

Whatever life you’re dreaming of, I want you to know that you can make it a reality.

Sometimes we don’t really even know what kind of life we want because we’ve buried our true desires under what we “should” be doing, student loans, and other people’s opinions.

In these sessions we’ll work to unbury your hidden desires, put together a picture of what kind of life would really light you up, then plan our the logical steps you’ll take to make it happen.