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I’m Issy!



I’m a matchmaker, love scout and travel enthusiast.


I believe in inspiring women through healing to manifest the love & life they’ve been dreaming of. 

Thoughts & Musings

The Anatomy of a F*ck Boy

Fuck Boys: Where the fear of intimacy meets the need for validation.  As a matchmaker, and a woman, I have come across many so called "fuck boys." But what is a fuck boy? My definition is "a man who craves your validation, but fears intimacy with you." Some people...

Why This Is the Best Time to Find Your Soulmate

Have you read 1984 or Brave New World? Something that caught my attention as a matchmaker is in both of these dystopian realities, romantic love is illegal. What is so scary about love to Those Who Seek to Control that both Orwell & Huxley made it major plot...

How To Actually Find A Relationship On Dating Apps in 6 Steps

In the matchmaking world, dating apps are definitely vilified. I get it. Dating apps can be dangerous. And they can be a massive waste of time. Plus, some people are just too sensitive to deal with the exposure and rejections. So, yeah, there are a lot of downsides to...


You are a badass game changer. Your friends tell you you’re such a catch, but you just can’t seem to find the relationship that lights you up. Guess what? You aren’t a victim. You have the power to create the love life you really fucking want. But it takes work. It takes bravery. And it means doing something you’ve never done before. I KNOW you can do it, because you’re a badass, right? So are you ready? Through my dating insights and Theta Healing, we’ll work together to bust through your blocks and manifest your dream relationship. 


Are you sitting at your cubicle fantasizing about travel? Do you wish you had more freedom? Are you ready to live for life, not for the weekend? Other people might tell you you’re building castles in the air. I say, Right on! Let’s put some foundations under those castles and make your dream life a reality. I’ll help you refine your goals, find a career you love, and even help you move abroad. I have my dream life, so why can’t you? Through lifestyle coaching and Theta Healing, I help you manifest the life and career of your dreams.