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I’m Issy!



…and I think life can be easier than we make it.


You are a badass game changer. A boss at work. Your friends tell you you’re such a catch, but you just can’t seem to find the relationship that lights you up. Guess what? You aren’t a victim. You have the power to create the love life you really fucking want. But it takes work. It takes bravery. And it means doing something you’ve never done before. I KNOW you can do it, because you’re a badass, right? So are you ready?  


Are you sitting at your cubicle fantasizing about travel? Do you wish you had more freedom? Are you ready to live for life, not for the weekend? Other people might tell you you’re building castles in the air. I say, Right on! Let’s put some foundations under those castles and make your dream life a reality. I’ll help you refine your goals, find a career you love, and even help you move abroad. I have my dream life, so why can’t you? 

Thoughts & Musings

Why Are You Still Single?

“Why are you still single?” A client once fired me for asking him this question I know this questions can be painful. And it’s definitely loaded. Loaded with shame for not being “coupled.” Loaded with the pressure of family, friends, people from high school. Fuck,...

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