Finding love has
never been so easy.

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I’m Issy


I’m a matchmaker, love scout and travel enthusiast.

I help matchmakers find matches for their clients, which is where you come in… 

For Singles.

Are you ready to meet your person, but dating apps are wayyy too time consuming & soul sucking? Maybe you’ve considered working with a matchmaker, but aren’t ready to make the financial commitment. There’s another option & you’ve probably never heard of it. I work with an exclusive network of matchmakers, who are always on the lookout for outstanding matches to meet their paying clients. By joining my private (and free!) matchmaking database, you will submit yourself as a candidate to be set up on a date by one of the top matchmakers in the world. This will be 100% confidential & 100% complimentary for you, 100% of the time. What do you have to lose? Just the love of your life….

For Matchmakers.

I used to manage 50+ clients at a time across the country, with literally no support. During one of my many sleepless nights, I thought, “There has to be a better way!” I realized the biggest issue matchmakers have is that they simply do not have enough vetted, high quality matches to meet their clients. As a result, they’re overworked, drowning in stress & scared to make new sales. Our industry is growing like wildfire & to keep up with demand, we need to be more proactive about recruitment. I offer bespoke recruitment services for matchmakers, helping them establish pipelines of high quality candidates ready for dates with their clients. Investing in a database for your clients means less stress, more confident sales calls & ultimately, more happy couples, which is why we’re all here, right? 

Thoughts & Musings

The Best Dating Apps For A Serious Relationship

Generally speaking, I'm not a huge fan of dating apps. I think they make finding love way too superficial and I have A LOT of concerns about data privacy. That being said, I recognize that dating apps may be a necessary evil if you want to have a love life. There are...