What If Meeting Your
Soulmate Could Be Easy? 

You’re not looking to manifest just another boyfriend. You’re looking for a soulmate. You’re looking for the deep cosmic bond that activates your divine life purpose & radically changes your life. 

You’ve done all of the trauma work, all the healing work & all of the manifestation work but… somehow you’re still not manifesting a soulmate?! You’re probably f*cking sick of digging around in your trauma trying to figure out what is so wrong with you that it’s preventing you from finding love.

I’ve been there & there’s nothing wrong with you! Despite trying seemingly every healing modality, I hadn’t even been asked on a date in three years! So I delved deep into myself, ancient esoteric teachings & Theta Healing. What I learned was it’s actually EASY to manifest your soulmate, once you learn what a soulmate is & why we are being kept apart from them. Within a few months I manifested my soulmate!

That’s how I developed my Love Manifestation Sessions with Theta Healing. In these sessions we use the Theta Healing energy healing modality, my knowledge as a matchmaker, my gifts as an oracle & ancient esoteric secrets around love & soulmates to teach you everything I know about soulmates & heal the root of why you haven’t manifested a soulmate. So let’s dive in!