As a matchmaker, I know that the current dating paradigm can be pretty intimidating and draining. Through mentoring literally hundreds of people through the modern dating scene, I’ve realized that there’s a huge need for us to rethink the way we date and our perspectives on love.

If you’re stuck in a loop of toxic relationships, can’t get over an ex, recovering from sexual trauma, or just can’t seem to make sense of the modern dating world, I want you to know that you are not alone.

In our tech driven era, love and dating have changed a lot, but until recently no one was really educating themselves on how to work through these issues. We are living in a time of hyper-connected isolation. Every day my clients tell me how lonely they are and that they don’t know what to do about it. Here’s the thing. You are powerful and you CAN do something about it. 

Love is one of the most important aspects of being human. We deeply crave connection. And I truly believe we are on this planet to experience love. You don’t have to try to navigate these questions alone. I am here for you, because I’ve been there. I’ve been through dating app hell, toxic relationship patterns, and inherited family trauma. I’ve swiped and swiped, getting nowhere fast. But I faced my fears and came out the other side with plenty of insights and tools to share. That’s why I do this work because I know exactly how you feel. 

This is a shame-free zone. In my practice, I have seen or heard it all, trust me. So if you’re ready to put it all out on the table to figure out how to heal, thrive, and manifest the love you so deeply deserve, let’s fucking do this… together.

Love Offerings

Dating Profile Audit

If you’re wondering why you aren’t getting any matches or can’t seem to figure out what pictures to choose and what to say, I’ve got you covered.

We will decide what apps and sites are best for you to be using, then I will craft a profile for you that shows you off in your best light!

You will also get my strategy sheet with my dos and don’t for mindful dating in the digital era.

With my expertise, your dating app experience can be fun and authentic, rather than stressful and draining.  

Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions are a great way to perform “routine maintenance” on your emotional health. Whether you’re going through a breakup, want to up-level your dating game, or are looking to address one particular issue, a one-on-one session is a great place to start.I use my training in the social sciences and intuitive gifts to identify the patterns and wound points that are holding you back in dating & love. Together, we will heal these patterns and any lingering trauma standing in your way, while strategizing for how to move forward.


Love Life Renovation

Tired of endless swiping that gets you nowhere fast?

That’s because the concepts behind online dating are fundamentally flawed. Don’t get me wrong, dating apps can be great tools, but they have two fundamental issues:

  1. We don’t have a good sense of what we’re really looking for on apps.
  2. We don’t take the time to assess our dating history and heal the wounds that are standing between ourselves and love BEFORE we start swiping.

This five week program takes on both of these issues and more, helping you to heal your love life, change your dating strategies, and manifest the partner you have truly been dreaming of.