Services for Matchmakers

Support matchmakers need from someone who knows the sacrifices it takes to do this job. 

Customized Recruitment Services

We will meet for an initially, complimentary 15 minute chat to determine where your needs are & how I can help. Within 3 business days I will send you a few different proposals of how I can support your recruitment efforts. This may include demographic recruitment, recruitment for individual clients, & helping you establish pipelines for future recruitment.

Coaching & Consulting

When I was a burned out, stressed out, overworked matchmaker, I worked with dozens of different coaches and therapists trying to find answers. But no one understood what I was going through or the sacrifices required to do my job. In fact, plenty of people just made me feel worse, “You have the best job in the world! Why are you so unhappy?”

They meant well, but since they had never been in the saddle, they really had no idea what I was going through. The truth was, my business was structured in a way that could only lead to one thing–burnout. On top of that, I had chronically bad boundaries, no personal life, and my empathic nature was attracting narcissistic clients who walked all over me.

I’ve learned that most matchmakers have similar personality types & issues that cause stress in both their careers & in their personal lives. In our sessions we will get to the root of your issues around boundaries, empathy, and anything else that is coming up. We will also build structures & boundaries for your business so you can learn to turn off, take a bath, and actually go on vacation (without your cell phone). You’ll be supported and heard by someone who actually understands your industry and what your day to day life looks like.

You hold space for so many people, but who is holding space for you?

Database Match

If you have a client in mind & want to see if I have a match for them in my database, send me an email with your client’s file & your typical referral fee. You can reach me at

Drop Me a Line

Don’t be shy. Let me know if you have any questions!