Tired of endless swiping that gets you nowhere fast?

That’s because the concepts behind online dating are fundamentally flawed.

Don’t get me wrong, dating apps can be great tools, but they have two fundamental issues:

  1. We don’t have a good sense of what we’re really looking for on apps.
  2. We don’t take the time to assess our dating history and heal the wounds that are standing between ourselves and love BEFORE we start swiping.

This five week program takes on both of these issues and more, helping you to heal your love life, change your dating strategies, and manifest the partner you have truly been dreaming of.


Package includes:

  • 5 Individual sessions
  • Personalized exercises to address your blockages between sessions
  • A strategy plan for your dating future
  • Dating profile audit & creation
  • Invitation to join our matchmaking rolodex to potentially be matched with our clients ($100/year value)

Individual Sessions Included:

Dating History & The Ex Map

In this session we will go over your dating history to identify the self defeating patterns that have led you to the wrong partners and prevented you from manifesting the love you deserve. We will begin to identify and heal these wounds. If you are not fully over an ex, this is where we will discover the wounds beneath and begin to heal that relationship so you can move forward with a fresh slate. You will go home with some exercises to more deeply explore your past relationship patterns.

Deeper Digging

Now that you have more awareness of what your patterns are, we will begin to get to the root of those patterns. Where did they come from? What other aspects of your life have they impacted?  What did you learn about love in childhood? We will shine a light on these core wounds and bring healing to them.

Self Worth & Limiting Beliefs

At the core of most relationship issues is self worth. In this session, we will explore your relationship with yourself and your self worth. We will also look at what limiting beliefs you have built up around yourself and relationships due to issues surrounding self worth.

Soul Desires

So many of us have lost touch with what our soul is really craving in relationship (and life!). What do you really want? We will uncover your deeper desires and heal the layers of shame we often wrap around our deepest wants. We will also begin to explore what your dream partner and partnership look like.

Strategy Session

So now that you are ready to get out there and start meeting people, we will give your dating life a makeover. We will go over my hard earned dating wisdom from my matchmaking work and the best tools for meeting someone. This is when we will begin crafting and enhancing your online dating/dating app profiles to let your authentic self shine and to call in your dream partner. In this session we will also strategize around how you should best continue your healing journey!

Investment: $668